Thursday, September 29, 2005

Alexis & Victor, Redwood Ridge Estates

Lexi & Vic had this beautiful two-part wedding at Redwood Ridge Estates in Los Altos, California. During the first half of their wedding day, Vic's mother hosted a traditional Vietnamese wedding ceremony in a grove of redwoods known at the Cathedral. The second half of their wedding was a very personalized western ceremony.

This couple has such great taste and style (Alexis is a great artist, see her work at, every detail of the wedding was thought out and beautifully presented. I'm so happy to have been included in their wedding!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Ocean City, Maryland

I just came back from a cross-country double wedding adventure. These shots are from Celena & Jason's wedding in Ocean City, Maryland, which, as you can see, was on the beach. Actually most of the festivities were on a deck just above the beach, but it was so beautiful there we had to spend a little time playing in the sand.

In the shot on the far right, that black streak across the sky is actually a banner towed by a plane congratulating the newlyweds.